20 Things That Will Help You Through Your Long Distance Relationship


A Dual Dial Watch


Now you always know what time it is there at a glance.

The DIY Version


Get the instructions here.

A Way to Watch Movies Together


Use an app like Synaptop to watch movies together, or you can enter a Google Hangout and watch YouTube Live content together on the screen.

Bed Specs


So you can lie in bed while you Gchat each other on your laptop before you fall asleep.

Kisses in a Jar


A very sweet way to countdown the days, especially if your loved one is deployed overseas.

A Card Deck of “I Love You’s”


This DIY is not only super sentimental, but it’s compact enough that it can be easily mailed for Valentine’s Day.

A Book of Your Emails to Each Other


A Countdown Clock


You can download a template that lets you print and cut out your own customizable face.

An Imprint <3 Message Ring


The important thing is that you know it’s there.

“Patience” Engraved Bracelet


As seen in the movie Like Crazy

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Leanne Eshuis for GZ Magazine by Reno Mezger. 

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Theory of the Pixar Universe by John Negroni [detailed version]
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"Buti pa ang Cine MALAYA."

— Taong sakal na sakal na sa Relasyon. (via matabangutak)

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Animated Blinking Gingerbread Man